Tax Worksheets

These worksheets are designed to help you gather your tax information. There may be items that are not included on these worksheets. Please bring all information with you to your interview. If your tax professional determines that there is missing information, you will be provided with a personalized list.

Client Organization

Arriving at your appointment on time and prepared will help our tax professionals to use the interview time wisely. We want to do more than just fill out your tax forms. We want to use our expert knowledge to educate you and plan with you to ensure that you are paying the least amount of taxes allowable by law. 


Vehicle and Travel Deductions

It is required to keep a written or digital log of your business activities and expenses. No deduction will be allowed for business autos unless the taxpayer can prove the business/investment use with adequate records. The documentation must support the amount, time and place, business purpose, and business relationship to the taxpayer.

Mileage Log

Vehicles/Travel and Entertainment Deductions

Occupation Deductions

No matter what the occupation, if audited, the IRS conducts two tests to determine if your deduction is allowable. The first test is whether the expense is ordinary, meaning common and accepted in your line of work. The second test is whether the deduction is necessary, meaning helpful and appropriate to do your job. Facts and circumstances must be considered to determine whether an expense is ordinary and necessary.

Business Professionals Deductions                Clergy Deductions           

Construction Workers Deductions                 Day Care Workers Deductions     

Direct Sellers Deductions                                 Educator Deductions   

Firefighter Deductions                                      Hairstylist/Manicurist Deductions 

Law Enforcement Deductions                         Long Haul Trucker/Overnight Driver Deductions

Realtor Deductions                                            Self Employed Deductions

Disclosure Authorization

Consent to Release Information to a Third Party